Snap to center of tile


is it possible to snap using a specific hotkey to the center of a tile? With holding Ctrl down I can snap to the tile’s corners, but I would like to be able to snap a Point Object to the center of a tile.

Possible? If not, can this be implemented maybe?

Thanks in advance

Would setting an offset in the layer properties have the desired effect?

I don’t think sub-grids are currently available for object placement. (EDIT: So they are!)

If you enable “Snap to Fine Grid” and set the fine grid divisions to 2, then your points will snap to both the centers and the corners (and the centers of the edges) of each tile. It’s not exactly what you want, but I think it will help you place those points in the center.

And indeed, like @Modanung suggested, shifting the object layer by half a tile using the Horizontal/Vertical Offset (in Layer Properties) would also let you snap them to the center. I guess the main downside is that you’ll probably have to change your game code to apply the offset there as well.

Of course, a “Snap to Center” could be implemented. Actually a much more powerful grid system could be implemented, since objects are not limited to the tile grid and even for tiles additional grids can be useful. So far I have not placed this on the roadmap, but it’s something I’d like to see eventually as well.

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@bjorn Great to hear, I will see and find out what fits the best for me right now… Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Edit: It works flawlessly!!! Thanks