Place/align tiles to a sub-grid half the tile size

Hi! I was wondering if there is a way to move and place the tiles aligned not only to the tile size grid but to a half the size sub-grid.

This is because I have a lot of tiles which I need to have duplicated: one aligned to the center of the tile and another half-tile displaced to one side:


I know there are several workarounds for this issue, but I have some gripes with all of them:

1: I could create the tilemaps and the tilesets with half the tile size, but I find annoying to use an “incorrect” size for all my work just for this specific case.
2: I could use objects for the tiles that I need to place half-displaced, but objects align to pixel and I would need to count pixels everytime to place tiles like I want.
3: I could keep doing it as I do now, but it produces very big tilesets and duplicity

As you can see this is not an urgent issue since I have some ways to workaround it, but is a question of ease and improve my workflow. It would be really nice if could press a modifier key and while pressed stamp tool would align to sub-grid or something like that.

Thank you and sorry for my bad English. Keep the good work :smiley:

There is no need to count pixels. If objects are fine for you, enable “Snap to Fine Grid” in the “Snapping” menu and set the number of “Fine grid divisions” in the “Edit > Preferences” to 2.

Unfortunately, I don’t see any way of doing this in the stamp tool with the current data structures. There would need to be some kind or per-cell offset stored, and this currently doesn’t exist.

Another approach, though also non-ideal, is to set up your tileset twice and for the second instance, specify half your tile width as the “Drawing Offset.X” in the Tileset Properties. That way you can place offsetted tiles from one version of the tileset and regular tiles from the other.

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I was testing your suggestions and then I realized that I can set an offset to layers itselves via attributes panel or the ‘move layer’ tool. I think this approach is the best for me.

The offset in the tileset was a nice approach too, but that way implies leaving empty space around every tile so tiles won’t mix in the offset version resulting again in very big tilesets.

I still thinking that having fine grid divisions for the stamp tool would be the perfect solution but I understand the complexity of implementing it. Layer’s offset is good enough resulting in just a few extra layers as downside.


Actually the tile drawing offset should just shift the tiles when they are rendered. It does not affect the area from the texture that is painted, so leaving empty space should not be needed.

Anyway, indeed there is layer offset as well! Glad to hear it provides an adequate solution. Actually, I think even when putting the offset on the tileset you would run into cases where you’d need additional layers, so using just layer offset seems like the easiest solution indeed.