[SOLVED] Tiled doesnt show menubar on mac

I am trying to open my project however I dont have the lateral menu, nor the upper menu to select anything. I have tried opening it on fullscreen but nothing shows.

Any idea?
I am using mac

Hmm, could this problem be specific to macOS 11? As usual the menu bar normally shows at the top of the screen. Did you check whether it’s auto-hiding? Could you include the top bar in your screenshot?

Also, please let us know exactly which version you downloaded. If it was Tiled 1.4.3, can you try whether the latest snapshot still shows this problem?

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Sorry sir you just gave me the answer.

The problem is that in mac, the menu bar is always in the screen top bar, not the app top bar. Meaning that if I have Tiled in windowed mode and small in the bottom of my screen, the menu bar is at the top of my screen!

As a new mac user, I apologise for this mistake, as it was not an actual bug… but me not knowing how to properly use my laptop haha

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Ah, no problem!

Actually I don’t think Tiled is entirely without fault here, because the current “start page” is confusing, in that it doesn’t actually disappear when you open or save a new project, so nothing appears to happen in those cases (apart from a change in the title bar).

It’s probably too late to change this for Tiled 1.5, but it’s something I’ll look into improving beyond that.