Large Number of Tileset Groups Messes Up the Window Layout

This is my first time using Tiled. I’m following a tutorial on YouTube, where I am import a large number of tiles (from LPC originally). When doing so, it prompts me to name each and make a new category (?) for each. I just hold enter to hit OK on all of them.

When it adds so many categories, though, it distorts the window layout enough to make the program completely unusable. Here is a screenshot, if it lets me post:


When dragging the handles between frames, it snaps back to this layout almost immediately.

I’m using the Mac OSX version of the app. I haven’t tried on my Windows computer yet.

Is this a known issue? I understand if I need to reduce the number of categories, but that may be very tedious with how many images I’m importing as I learn the program. Additionally, I can see myself running into this issue later anyway with an actual full game.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Well, that’s a bug. It’s supposed to allow scrolling so that the tab bar doesn’t need to get so big. Probably it only happens on OS X, at least I have not seen this issue on Linux.

As a workaround you can try switching to the “Tiled Fusion” theme instead of “Native” theme in the Preferences. You may have to restart Tiled after changing the theme.

Perfect, thanks! Changing the theme worked great.

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