Specific expansions with plugins

It is my first time using tiled and found the necessity to create graphs inside of a map, i did it using the object layer, so i thought: the editor could have it as a native functionality, because defining the connections of the nodes was kind hard and handy, and it gave me the idea that the tiled could suport plugins, so the user can supply some specific necessity he needs. A platform to list the plugins would also be good. Tell me what you guys think about that. Thanks for attention.

I think you mean a feature like described in the following GitHub issue:

It’s indeed something that would be nice to add, and I’d like to add it later this year.

Of course, Tiled already supports plugins, but currently only for adding support for additional map or tileset formats. I’d like to extend this functionality, but rather than by exposing more of the C++ code and interfaces to plugins, I want to make Tiled scriptable. This is also because from experience it seems that most users are not interested in compiling their own plugins, and it is tricky to make them binary compatible. Making Tiled scriptable is also something I want to do this year, and is covered by the following GitHub issue:

So this features are coming some day, good to know, thanks for the attention.