Starting to use Tiled, I am wondering whether or not these features exist : objects + tiles editing, "game objects" library


  • Is it possible to edit both the object and tile layers at the same time? For example, I create a few tiles and I draw an object (rectangle) around them to indicate a collider for my game engine. Can I select both the tiles and the object to copy/paste them easily?
  • By extension, is it possible to create a library of “game objects”, i.e. one or multiple tiles, along with one or multiple objects? Keeping the same example, I could create a dungeon_small_platform game object which displays tiles for a small platform, but also its associated rectangle bouding box (collisions indicator for my game engine).

Thanks in advance!

Hey @tbarusseau, welcome to the Tiled forum!

Unfortunately, at the moment no option exists to store a combination of tile layer + object layer, and their editing tools are entirely separate as well. There is a “Tile Stamps” view where you can store any combination of tiles (also multiple tile layers) and there are “Object Templates” which can store a preconfigured single object.

You can directly associate objects with tiles using the Tile Collision Editor, but that only applies to individual tiles.

It would definitely be interesting to either support objects in stamps, or potentially better, tile layers in templates. The latter might allow the template to be moved more easily after placement. But it would be a lot of work to implement.