Suggestion: color multiplier for layers / objects

Hi, I’m pretty new to tiled, so I’m not sure if this has been suggested before.

I’ve just recently migrated my tiled maps to tiled, before I was using an editor I built myself.

A feature I had in my editor, that is useful and I think pretty easy to implement, is to have a color multiplier for layers (and also for individual objects).

That way you could create a background layer with the same tileset just a darker multiplier for the colors.

In a renderer it’s easy to implement just a call to glColor4f() before rendering layer / object.

In the editor it would just be a value for each color compenent (r,g,b).

I currently can’t find an issue just about color multiplication, but there is a more general issue about adding support for blend modes:

In an OpenGL-based renderer yes (though glColor4f should no longer be used in modern OpenGL) but Tiled is using a software renderer based on QPainter, which does not seem to support a color multiplier.

Anyway it’s a feature I would like to support eventually, but I would do it for “Tiled Quick”, a new version of Tiled built on Qt Quick. That project is currently in its infancy though.

Thank you for your reply.