Any way to tint plain Objects in Object Layer?

Hi there, hopefully this is not a silly question.

I have a map with a few Tile Layers and an Object Layer with a bunch of “plain” objects that I put there using the “Insert Rectangle” tool. I would love for these to be highlighted on my map in Tiled so that I can easily see where I have placed one of these Objects. However, when I adjust the Tint value on my Object Layer, nothing happens and the Objects remain nearly invisible.

I don’t really want there to be any sprites associated with these objects when I eventually import them into Unity so I don’t want to use a Tile Object. Is there any way to have the area inside the plain Object rectangles colored or tinted in any way while viewing in Tiled? Or am I going against the intended use?

Any info is much appreciated and thank you in advance!

The “Tint Color” property only applies to graphics, but an Object Layer also has a “Color” property, which does apply a color to rectangle objects.

Alternatively, you can set the “Class” property (formerly “Type”) of the object to a class you’ve defined in the “Custom Types Editor” (in “View” menu, and requires you to have created a Tiled project). If you associate a color with the class, it will change the color of all objects of that class.

Rectangle objects are rendered in gray by default. A different color can help make them more visible, but if the problem is that the fill area is too transparent, there is unfortunately no way to adjust this currently.

Thank you, the Color property seems to be exactly what I was looking for - I was so preoccupied with the Tint Color property that I completely missed the Color property. Tiled is an amazing tool and the support community is even more so - thanks Bjorn!

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