Super Tiled2Unity changes tiles colors

I can’t get the same colors on native Unity tilemap and a Tiled tilemap imported to Unity through Super Tiled2Unity. Both Unity native tilemap and Tiled tilemap use the same PNG image as tileset. However, while native Unity tilemap use the original colors, the Tiled version imported through Super Tiled2Unity change the base color:

I’ve got the same mismatch in colors on both 2D Core and 2D URP Unity projects. Both tilemaps in Unity use the same shader material (Sprites-Default or Sprite-Lit-Default depending on Unity project).

I believe the issue lies in the Super Tiled2Unity import, since Tiled does display the right colors…

What did I do wrong? How to get the same colors in both Tiled and Unity?

The problem can be solved by changing the default color space from Linear to Gamma. (Edit > Project Settings… > Player > Other Settings > Rendering > Color Space: Gamma), then modifying the tileset image to force Super Tiled2Unity to update the tilemap colors.