Terrain Brush draws funny


I followed the tutorial on terrain from http://doc.mapeditor.org/manual/using-the-terrain-tool/ and:
when drawing vertically a terrain, it draws fine
when drawing diagonally, the already drawn tiles are changed randomly.

My Terrain Information looks like this:

Does anyone have the same problem or did I miss something?

This happens if your transitions are incomplete. The terrain algorith then tries to find other valid transitions, which usually means a total mess.

In your case you seem to be missing the inner corners (3 corners green, 1 water).


Thanks a lot!

I read “Terrain bunny” :smiley:

It’s definitely way too hot today …

The terrain tool is such a useful tool… for the few terrains that are available. Sure would be awesome if either a solid clear explanation of how to make your own terrains was available, or if the whole terrain tool creation process could be facilitated in some way.

@Greg_Malone You’re definitely right that the tutorial about how to set up the terrain tool is missing a section about how to actually create such a tileset in the first place. It is mainly because there quite a few such tilesets available already and I assumed it was somewhat “common knowledge” or already explained elsewhere. But if it is, then there should be at least a link to it.

As for facilitating the creation of the more complicated multi-terrain setups, there is a Terrain Generator tool lurking on the wip/terraingenerator branch, which can generate images like this along with the .tsx file. This helps a lot when it does what you need. One day it will be documented and merged into master.

Bjorn, many thanks for the link to the existing terrains. Somehow I must’ve missed the reference to it. Perhaps a more out-front link and explanation would be useful, unless there already is one that I missed. Perhaps a link inside the Tiled program itself so it cannot be missed.

I will take a look at the terrain generator tool.

Many thanks, and keep up the great work.