Terrain brush not working properly

I am using kenney’s rouge-like texture map. Based on my reading from other posts around the forum this occurs when the terrain tool doesn’t have the proper information to make a transition correctly. How would I go about fixing this issue?

From the screenshot I can see two mistakes:

  • You marked all pieces completely, making the terrain tool think they are all entirely covered with that terrain. This is why it just picks randomly from those tiles. However, the outer corners and sides are not “ground path” so you should erase that part.

  • You forgot to mark the 4 corner tiles directly left of the part you did mark. Having both inner and outer corners defined is important, otherwise the tool will run into problems in many situations.

Did you read Using the Terrain Tool?

mmmh…nah the tool is just not workinig AT ALL
now I selected 3x3 outer and inner corners it does not draw anything
besides, the programmer could hav added a delete button or something
I always have to delete the terrain and recreate it

You need to show a screenshot or better share your data files, if you want me to be able to help you figure out where it went wrong.

There is an “Erase” button, which allows you to erase terrain information. Isn’t that doing what you want?

Just as a heads up, at first I thought the erase button got rid of the whole terrain set and couldn’t figure out how to delete it.

Same as OP I ended up just deleting the whole set and starting over every time. After reading the documentation it became clear but maybe it would make more sense to ctrl+click or right click (which is being used for the context menu at the moment).

Great work though! :slight_smile: