Terrain Tool - doesnt work at all?

I’m trying to get autotiles to work in Tiled for the first time, I’ve edited some RPG maker tiles and I really wanted to be able to have smooth transitions between almost every type of rocks in this area. I read the documentation for the terrain tool already, and tried to make my tileset match according to the guide, but when I go to actually use the terrain… I click terrain tool, select the terrain… and then I can’t paint with it? Mouse stays normal and I can’t do anything. so then I tried switching to the stamp tool after selecting the terrain I want but that just stamps from the regular tileset.

So it’s either me being dumb and not understanding how to format them, or something’s up with my Tiled? Any help would be greatly appreciated ):

The tiles im trying to use- Theres Normal, dark, light and shadow versions (and magma.) Each has of course the regular tile, then an outer and inner for each transition. Except magma, magma just has a transition with the normal one for now.

Did you assign terrains to tiles? Can you post a screenshot of your actual terrains? It’s possible you missed some important transitions, which would cause the tool to misbehave or not work at all.

It looks like you’re missing diagonal-corner transitions. The Terrain tool should still work of these are missing, but it’ll mess up whenever situations requiring those tiles arise.

Edit: By the way, you can greatly reduce the size of your tileset by having transitions to transparency instead of transitions between every type of rock. The transitions would sit on a layer on top of the base tiles, and it wouldn’t matter which type of rock the base tiles are, it’ll still make a smooth transition. The downside to this approach is you’ll need an extra layer.

On a tangential note, your transitions would look better the colours affected individual rocks along the edges and if the edges were irregular, instead of having the colour transition cut through the rocks in a straight line. But I guess that can be something to improve once you get your terrains sorted out :]

https://imgur.com/a/drV4b1y This is what my terrains look like now, I figured out they werent working at all because I didn’t select the main/middle tile, I didnt realize you had to because you already select it as the terrain image. :> But I am having some weird corner things happening, which Im guessing is because of the missing diagonal corners, but I’m not sure what exactly that would look like? All the terrains I’ve seen just have these outlines? Could you possibly point me in the direction of what they need to look like?

and I know its really weird but, I wanted to do every single transition on purpose so they could be used on the same layer, I was curious if it made any difference in making better transitions. I’m new, lol. I also have autotiles that have irregular rock and transparent edges too to go over top. This is kind of like a base! I did try to change up the inside edges already a little bit on this tileset, though.

Thank you for the input!

The corner issues are almost certainly because you’re missing the diagonal tiles. You can avoid those issues if you’re careful about the shapes you create. I’d recommend adding diagonals though, as they add flexibility in the shapes you can create. Many tilesets leave them out because they don’t expect level designers to make anything but rectangles with their tilesets, or because they’re made for RPGMaker which breaks tiles up into sub-tiles and essentially generates the diagonals for you.

The diagonal tiles could look something like this, with two dark corners and two light corners (and a light middle in this case), and their use case is primarily in creating areas where multiple larger areas link up:
(The diagonal tile is right in the middle of this shape.)