Terrain side connecting

So I have a tileset with 47 tiles in this formation:


I’ve been trying and trying to get any sort of automapping feature to make it so I can place a bunch of tiles and have them connect the way I want to. (I’ve tried automap but it refused to work in any way). I thought this would be possible with the terrain brush, but you’re only able to link corners with each other, instead of the sides as well. If that were the case, it would also be possible to have the terrain be in 1x1 tiles instead of 3x3. Here is a picture to help illustrate my point:

The right picture is essentially what the Wang tiles allow you to do, since they feature both corner and side colors. However, currently corners and sides are separated from each other both in terms of defining the colors and in terms of editing. Because of this the tool currently doesn’t help in your scenario.

I think for now you’d be best served by setting up automapping rules. Alternatively, you could leave this purely visual aspect of your tiles coded by some logic in your engine and use only one of those tiles in Tiled.