Tiled terrain using 32x32 tileset

hello… i’m having trouble using the terrain function i can’t get it work with this tileset…
the image shows it all any suggestion why im having this issue?

If i understand correctly the Terrain system is supposed to help you automatically place transition between two different terrain types. So in order for it to work you need to set up at least two different terrains. From what i’m seeing in your tileset, that could be sand and grass.

The terrain feature can certainly work with only one terrain defined- the transition then becomes between that terrain and any other tiles, including none. Looking at your tileset, it seems like the inside corner tiles aren’t appropriate for this size of tile. Like, if the tile size for that sheet was half as much and the perimeter block was 4x4 tiles and the inside corner block was 2x2 tiles, I think it would work but as it is there’s gaps even if you tried to make that corner manually.

okay thank you for your reply … i will try that