Tile 1px spacing on Maps

Hey, I’m new here so this is probably a n00b question but I’ve searched all over Google and found nothing. So…

Is there a way to have a 1px spacing between tiles made on a map? Tilesets have it, but they cannot be exported to PNG and I need a PNG tileset for my game. Maps are exportable to PNG however, but I cannot find a way to have spacing on it.

No, as that’s not a normal feature for maps. You can use an image editor to change your tileset to a PNG instead of trying to do it via Tiled, it should be trivial. There are probably online converters too, if you don’t have an image editing program installed.

If for some reason you absolutely cannot convert your original tileset image, you could include the spacing in your tiles and then just import the tileset as not having spacing (with larger tiles to compensate), so the empty pixels will be included with the tiles in the map, which will give the same effect as spaced tiles.

What if you would set the tile size of the map 1px higher than the size of your tiles?

Thanks a lot! This worked for me.

bjorn had a good answer too, but yours is more efficient.