Change frame duration for specific tiles in an animation

So I’m using the tile animation editor to create a looping animation of 10 tiles, but I want one of those 10 tiles to be 5000 ms in duration while the other 9 are 100 ms in duration. I can do this and it works momentarily, but when I save the tileset, save the file, exit out of Tiled, and re-open the file, the frame durations all change back to 100 ms for all 10 tiles. Why is it reverting back to one constant frame duration and how can I fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Which tileset format are you using?

I’m not sure, but I’m using the tBIN map format.

Ah, the tBIN map format does not support storing a per-frame duration. The only way to make a frame appear longer when you need to use tBIN is to repeat it in the list.

Now that I write this, it occurs to me that maybe Tiled could make a best-effort to match the animation you’ve specified by automatically repeating frames. Then it would need to specify the shortest frame time as the frame duration and repeat longer frames as needed. Of course, it could lead to very long animations in some cases.

In any case, a warning is in order just like with saving of tile rotations, which also isn’t supported by the tBIN format. The upcoming Tiled 1.3 will feature a proper place where such errors / warnings can be reported.

Are you modding Stardew Valley or using tBIN for some other reason?