Tile Coordinates Mapping

At the bottom left hand of the program, tile coordinates appear X:Y. What I want to be able to do is enter coordinates, so that I can add, tile information (pics, etc), to the tile for multiple tiles, as I’m mapping a game. Since I already have a list of coordinates, because otherwise its going to be overly time absorbing & I’ll have to look for another isometric (staggered) mapping program that can perform the task.

This is covered by the following issue, right?

I’ll see if I can get around to this.

Did you know you can support the time I’m spending to improve this tool by making small monthly donations through Patreon?

Maybe you should start looking at your competition before you start boosting about, requesting donations:

*GM Studio - Character implemented game editor

*Flare - RPM with video for main page

*Nimrod Alpha - Unable to find source for download
Game developer - Using Nimrod Alpha

*Misc - Potential dev recruits.

*Resource - Tile Rendering position for potential overlay

It would have been alot easier if you had of used the frame reference which you already have, from the provided cell information, which is provided in the reading, to cross reference it, with mouse over, for manual entry of X & Y. Just like you already have cell information available, for manual enter, which is available from the selected cell.

Now without knowing the programing, this is the fundamentals, for which you would have to pay me, for entering the coding for the program.
So dont tell me that ive got to pay you for something thats incomplete. This is a user interface, to enhance, the development of the game, as a byproduct for a final release of a developmental platform, which essentially is only viable through apk, platformed software for mobile but apart from that. Its an antique to gaming. Essentially my only purpose is to utilize a platform to assimilate an already available & for more sophisticated platform, based in a completed concept, that generates $10’s of thousands of dollars & still no where near equivalent to console games. Id get more value out of buying a 10year old game & not having to do anything, for it to be far more sophisticated for less then the time that I spend on establishing an elite, reference point, to a serious of numbers, in order to create a simulation for networking a complete grid.

I was only making sure you are aware, because you are requesting improvements while adding that if they would not be added, this tool would be unsuitable for your task. I do not know what you want to tell me by pointing to various forms of “competition”.

Once you are hovering the task bar, you aren’t actually hovering the map so the task bar is at that point not displaying any tile coordinates. This is why I’m reluctant to just slap some editable fields in that area.

Tiled is provided as free software to whomever finds it useful. Anybody can modify it and use it in any way that suits them, and under the GPL you can even redistribute modified versions. As you should know, software is never complete, and I would like to keep working on it. I’m not telling you that you have to pay for it, but I’m asking for support to make this possible.

I cant believe you dissected what I wrote, to take it out of context.
Your question of competition is answered by the evaluation of value generated for a product, which in conclusion, not only meets the standards of competition, from various other formats which are different from your own, but essentially the evaluative costs of a 10year old console game being greater then any form of revenue, that you would be anticipating. Now dont break this down any further. Your correspondence, isnt your strong suit & your comprehension is something I still have to continue with…

I never said hover over the task bar. You did! Thats just about the dumbest thing ive read all week. Obviously I am not anticipating that youre going to generate a value of cells, without a selected field.
You completely took everything I wrote out of context to state that your lazy & you want me to pay you because you believe its slap editing, like as if its an insult to your integrity to grow your brain.
Ive simply adviced you of a formulation, where if I new the coding, it would have been done already but wait youre asking me for donations, so if I completed it, I would be anticipating your donations to supply it.
Is essentially what youre saying for a slap edit, because it is so difficult for you to comprehend that I never mentioned selecting an area of the task bar with the mouse, to generate a cell field.
What I was referring too was the generated field of the cell, which is already available, from the selected cell. So I have my mouse over a cell, right? You must be following me now, because its not over the task bar. From this point, a field is generated, at the bottom left. You refer to this area as the task bar. I wouldnt refer it as this. Maybe the status bar. Which displays the selected field. It is this bit of source information that can be used to correspond with selected cells. Now without knowing the programing, I cant write the script. If I could, it would have been done already or I would be compiling relevant data, just like your resource of potential programmers that I supplied to you, which you completely missed, in your failure to comprehend my propose of replying to you (with inclusion of asking for my support to make this possible) & you wonder why I wont pay you? I mean seriously. You should put alot more thought into something. If you had of instead used that same time to look into ways to improve the program, instead of your sloppy, slap edit message, which means that by now youre quit capable of producing something, but youd rather bitch about taking my words out of context. You could have created something suitable but due to your failure to comprehend that I didnt say task bar & I wasnt referring to a task bar, but in actually fact a status bar, is the term its called for displays, then maybe you could have formed some level of sophisticated answer, as opposed to slapped editing, which means that you can create something, that ive made quit simple in comprehension but you have failed to comprehend because I didnt say scroll over the task bar to generate a field.
Am I getting this through to you now?

In this tone there is no way for me to continue this conversation nor to spend time digging out your actual message from in between the insults. Please check out the FAQ of this forum, especially the part about remaining civil.

So ive repeated myself to you & yet youve still failed to comprehend, what ive said to your, repetitively.
That says alot about you.

I don’t understand what there is for him to comprehend? All you’ve done is present meaningless babble and yet you expect him to trust someone who doesn’t know the difference between “new” and “knew”, “you” and “your”, or “alot” and a “a lot” with handling the development a program he’s been working on for years, all the while throwing in some aggressive wording and childish behaviour.

The fact you think he would take your suggestion and implement it over so many others in such a short space of time with no help or reason to be given from you, despite how much rancid garbage you’ve thrown his way shows a lot about you - far more than not understanding someone who cannot apparantly comprehend paragraphs shows about him.

Your stupidity starts with your failure for comprehension. Meaningless is exactly that youre doing here. There is no actual point, to your stipulated argument about your moronic vertues. This isnt even relevant, to the subject matter, that your failed to comprehend, my address to.
If anyones juvenile here, its you, with failure to address the subject matter. Obviously youre preoccupied with grammar. Heres an idea, why dont you articulate which area of grammar youre referring too in the sentence & i’ll rectify it & you can be a good boy, to recify it for me, by replaying this information as my editor.

“or reason to be given from you”. Now thats just fkn incoherent! So what youre implying is that no one should ever suggest improvements for the program, indefinitely! Idiot!
Rancid garbage? Really. That is exactly what you have provided here. Poor nonsense. It isnt even the least bit constructive in attributing to the program which of course by youre implication, you cant do, because as you say, there is no way that he would ever consider youre improvements over anyone elses, let alone perceive a viable notion of thought in relation to it, because you failed to address the subject matter!
“who cannot apparently comprehend paragraphs shows about him”. Now youre just being stupid. This prooves how much of an idiot you are & that any of your comment is enviable on this basis! I rest my case.
I dont need to here any more of your stupidity!

“Meaningless is exactly that youre doing here” ?
“emplying” ??
“I dont need to here any more of your stupidity!” ???

“It isnt even the least bit constructive in attributing to the program
which of course by youre implication, you cant do, because as you say,
there is no way that he would ever consider youre improvements over
anyone elses” Is this bait or what?

This is funny since Flare is using Tiled for its maps…

Anyway. This is thread is leading nowhere. Please keep insults away from this forum.

Locking this thread.