Tile Stamp Probability

Simple question, but what happens in tile stamp selection when probability is greater than 1 as shown on the screenshot?


Hey @thisisnotruben, welcome to the Tiled forum!

The probably of a variation is relative to the other variations in the same stamp. In this case, if all variations have probability 0.07, then they all have equal chance of being chosen. They might as well all have a probability of 1, it would mean the same thing.

The same logic applies to the probability property set on each tile.

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The probabilities are normalised, so all those 0.07s will have equal probability to be used, the same as if you’d put 1 for all of them. The total probability doesn’t really mean anything (since I don’t think you can select multiple stamp groups at once anyway?).

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Thank you, I appreciate it!

Oh okay, it makes sense now, thank you!

Yeah, when I read this question one of my first thoughts was “maybe we should remove the total because it’s just confusing”.

However, I think I’ve added it because it is needed if you want to know the probability of any specific variation while using the stamp (like 0.07 / 1.05 * 100 = 6.6%). So it may be useful to know when the variations don’t all have the same probability. Of course, it may still be more confusing than useful… :slight_smile:

It would be a useful feature if we could select multiple stamp groups to draw stamps from, since it would essentially tell us the relative probability of any given group being used ;D