Tile.tint in Phaser 3

I’m working on a city builder with phaser 3. I used Tiled to create my map but i have an issue.
When i’m in a “construction mode”, i want to highlight the valid tiles. To do that i’m using a foreach tile : “tile.tint = 0x00ff00”.

It’s working on my local test project, but when i moved it into the main (local) project it stopped working.
Everything is working fine except this tile coloration. Thanks to debug logs tile.tint seems to change but i just don’t see it.

Any idea

PS: the tile.alpha is working well

This seems to be a Phaser 3-specific question and not related to any Tiled feature, and should be asked in the Phaser 3 community, not here.

Oh okay mb
I dont know how to delete the post but i can mark it as “solved”