Tiled 1.0.1 released

It’s been over two weeks since the big Tiled 1.0 release, and now it’s time for the first patch release. No crashes fixed so far, but upgrading is recommended especially due to the fixes to the Properties dock.

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It seemed a nice update!
By the way, why is there no Japanese translation?(mechanical translation was already attached,but that includes some incorrect descriptions as JP-native users I think)
I will send you a list in a txt-file of translated contents if you like

Actually there is a Japanese translation. If it is not automatically selected, you can switch to it in the Preferences. Here’s Tiled showing in Japanese:

The translation is only 80% complete though, since it wasn’t updated since Tiled 0.16. The easiest way to help with improving the translation is by editing it on Weblate. Any help is really appreciated!

it was a misunderstanding that that wasn’t a mechanical translation … I’m sorry.

Anyway, my examples were ready so I posted them.
Because it is a personal translation, please listen to the opinions of other bilingual people between in En and JP.

Please give me some more time to translate user’s manual

new map

paste in place
→マップ内での位置を指定して貼り付け or 選択中の位置に貼り付け
invert selection
→すべての選択を解除 or 選択領域の全解除



Map Properties

tile layer→タイルレイヤーを作成
object layer→マップオブジェクトのレイヤーを作成
image layer→画像配置レイヤーの作成
group layer→レイヤー整理フォルダの作成
Layer via copy→コピーストックしたデータからレイヤーを作成
Layer via cut→切り取りデータからレイヤーを作成
group layer→選択中のレイヤーを整理レイヤー内に
ungroup layer→整理化を解除する

下レイヤーと結合 → 直下のレイヤーと結合


→透過度 , 透過比率 or 透明度 (personally I recommand “透過比率”)

→九十度回転の矩形タイル(外枠は長方形)or クォーターと矩形の複合マップ
※it’s difficult for me to translate this…

User manual

種類 → 種類
幅 → マップ全体の幅
高さ → マップ全体の高さ
タイルの幅 → タイルの幅
タイルの高さ → タイルの高さ
六角タイルの辺長 → 六角タイルの辺長 or ヘキサタイルの一辺
ジグザグ方向・X/Y → ジグザグ方向・横方向/縦方向
ジグザグ開始位置・奇数/偶数 → ジグザグ開始位置・奇数座標値から/偶数座標値から

Buttons in a toolbar
ランダムモード → ランダム生成モード
スタンプ → マップの一部から描画
ポリゴンを編集 → 多角形の再編集
ポリゴンを追加 → 多角形を追加
ポリラインを追加 → 頂点と線分を追加

Insert text

@achichinoth I appreciate your help with improving this translation, but please understand that this is not the right place for posting the strings. There are 920 strings in total in Tiled and improvements should be suggested by either submitting them on Weblate or by editing the tiled_ja.ts file in the repository (usually by using Qt Linguist) and opening a pull request with the changes on GitHub.

Posting them here is going to be needlessly labor intensive to get them into Tiled, and it also does not provide a good place for providing feedback.

It’s great that you want to help, but I have currently nothing set up to enable translation of the user manual and it is also still largely unfinished and outdated in some places. I think it’s at the moment not a good time to start translating it.