Tiled 1.0.0 With Python

I recently updated Tiled to 1.0.0, and revived an unexpected issue where the script will crash as it attempts to change the version type (1.0.0) from a string into a integer. I’m not sure why it does this, but it is a problem only that surfaced only once I updated tiled.

While this may be an issue with PyTmx, a module I am using to import Tmx files, I would appriciate if someone could link me the previous version of Tiled for download. (I can’t seem to find this online).

actually I found one. Sorry to bother anyone who came on this page :frowning:

No problem, thanks for letting us know about this issue! Indeed the version is not supposed to be parsed as an integer, though this worked until now because it was written out as “1.0” instead of “1.0.0”. Please report this issue also to the author of PyTmx.

Right now it will match the version of Tiled that wrote the file, though I do have my doubts about this change, mainly because it means snapshot builds will write it out as the date of their build (for example “2017.06.10”), in which case it rather loses its usefulness. Maybe I will make it write “1.0” again in Tiled 1.0.1 and introduce a separate “tiledversion” attribute for whoever cares about that exact version.

Issue addressed with the following change: