Tiled 1.1 released

This release got a little out of hand. After reaching the 1.0 milestone, I really wanted to make smaller incremental updates. For several reasons, not the least our successful participation in the Google Summer of Code, the amount of changes in this release is huge! Below I’ll try to highlight some of the most significant ones.

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Awesome news! The object template is much appreciated - to can never remember all special property names my engine expects :slight_smile:

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Love the template feature! Thank you very much

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you’ve been hard at work! This is great!

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Sounds great but can’t wait for 1.2 with the ability to copy multiple layers at once :slight_smile:. Been wanting that forever.

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No isometric improvements of course.

great release !
if have isometric terrain ways improve will be better,

The Terrain Brush already works on isometric maps, as well as staggered isometric maps. What would you improve about it? Or do you mean drawing roads with the Wang Brush? Should also work.