Tiled 1.2.4 Collision Editor - Confused

I have not been able to find a complete tutorial on how to use the collision editor. I am creating a game in LOVE2D. I looked at the manual for TILED and I am doing that part of it. So here is what I am doing and maybe someone can tell me where I am going wrong. I am clicking on the icon to select objects. I pick an image and then I put a square around it. I save the tileset file. I then create an image layer and put that image on it. But when I run my game my character is still running through the image. Where am I going wrong. Please help. I am stuck and cannot go any further until I work this out. Thank you.

I think you’re using the wrong type of layer. An image layer just displays an image. If you want the collision shape to be connected to your image, you need to use a tile object on an object layer instead. Since the collision shape is stored with the tile and not with its image.

Thank you for answering so quickly. But I am still confused. I am using a Tile layer in my map. I was talking about my tileset.tsx. My tile set has a desk that I put on my map as a tile layer. The tutorial shows to put a square around it while in the collision editor. Then I put the desk on a layer called "Furniture Layer’, I tried putting it on an object layer called collision layer but it will not let me put the sprite image on that layer. I hope this is making sense. Thank you for all of your help.

Sorry for the late reply this time, the notification got buried a little.

To insert the tile on an object layer, you need to select the “Insert Tile” tool after you have selected the object layer, and of course select the tile you want to insert.