Creating a more robust object system

Hi, I just switched over from Ogmo editor and I think Tiled editor is incredible. There is one thing that I missed from ogmo though and that is the object pallete. In ogmo you can specify object templates, like tiles, and simply add them into the map. Here’s an example of what I mean:
You can create these entity templates, specify minimum, maximum, default values to its custom properties and choose a type as well. Then in the editor you simply click and place the object

This is a screenshot of something I’m working on. When I want to place a light source, I just click and its placed with all the default values as well as a nifty color slider for the light’s color. I feel that an object palette like this makes the level making process much faster and easier to make changes.


you can do this by using tile objects. Create a tileset and assign properties to the tiles. Then you can simply stamp out those tiles onto your object layer :smile:

EDIT: Note that this only works if you do not plan to change the settings for individual instances of the object… However you could even do this by setting properties on that object and make your engine override the properties of the tile assigned to the object.

I hope this helped,

There has also been somebody working to extend the simple “object type” definitions in Tiled’s preferences to include property definitions:

This also paves the way for typed custom properties that would allow customizing the Properties window for numbers and colors rather than just having strings.