Information about Collision

Hey guys, I recently started working with Unity & Tiled and am currently facing a logical problem. Before using Tiled, I created every sprite/gameobject on my own and was able to give each of them an individual name which allowed me to use this info on collision (For example, I have 5 blocks in a row with each of them having a collider box 2d. When the player touches box 3, something will happen. I did this via the oncollisionenter2d and an if-statement which included the gameobject name “box 3”.)

Now Tiled made the whole process of creating maps a lot easier but I can’t figure out how to set things up like I just explained. Is there a way to get the same setup done with Tiled or another better solution? I am really new, so any hint on how to proceed or solutions is welcomed!

Tiled allows you to name your objects as well in the Object Properties. Maybe you can map those names to names of your game objects?

Are you using Tiled2Unity? In that case maybe @Seanba can say something about how to set that up.