Tiled Unable to Find Some Tilesets In the Correct Folder

Using 1.3.2 on Windows 8.1 x64 computer.

I am trying to use Tiled to edit a .tbin map that was unpacked from an .xnb file from Stardew Valley to make a Content Patcher pack. Upon completing my edits and not being able to load the map in-game, I read this:

“If you add or resize any tilesheet, you must also edit Maps/FarmHouse1_marriage and Maps/FarmHouse2_marriage to have the same changes (even if you don’t make any other changes to the farmhouse). This is needed because the tilesheet references and sizes are stored as part of the map file.”

I did add tilesheets to my orginal .tbin so I attempted to unpack and add the same custom tilesheets to Maps/FarmHouse1_marriage and Maps/FarmHouse2_marriage.

However, when I opened the .tbin files unpacked from the .xnb files for FarmHouse1_marriage and FarmHouse2_marriage, Tiled alerted me for both that “Some files could not be found”, specifically a tileset named walls_and_floors and FarmouseTiles. These are not my custom tilesheets, they are tilesheets from the core game itself. It finds two other tilesets that are in the same folder, but not these two. The tilesets it can’t find are in the same folder and were unpacked from their respective .xnb files into that folder.

I could manually locate the tileset images very easily, but the tutorial from Stardew Valley states this: “Never locate missing tilesheets, as this will cause issues when trying to load the map in game. Always use an unpacked copy of the Content folder to edit in and do not move any tilesheets around. Any custom tilesheets should also be placed into this folder (the equivalent of the Maps folder for the game).”

I’m not sure why the tilesets can’t be found but others in the same folder can. Any suggestions?

Hey @Carolyn_Hawthorn, welcome to the Tiled forum!

Unfortunately I’m afraid I also couldn’t tell why some of those images can be found and others can’t. Are you 100% sure they are in the expected location?

Regarding the “never locate missing tilesheets”, yes, I understand this will cause issues in the game when the paths are different from what it expects. However, if you can fix the problem in Tiled that way, then it may give you a hint as to what is wrong in your setup. For this, you’d have to back up your .tmx files, then locate the tileset files that are failing to load and save the map, and then compare the image file reference in the modified version with the backup. The difference between the two paths may tell you what’s different about your directory structure and that of others that do not have this problem.


Hi Bjorn! I was able to fix the issue, obviously nothing to do with Tiled itself! I realized I was using VERY similarly named (but not the exact) tilesets than the ones that were required. Once I got the correct tilesets, everything worked perfectly.

Thanks for your in-depth reply and for making such an awesome tool, as well as all the help you offer people who use it!

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