Sharing map files: Some files couldn't be found error

I created a rusted warfare map and my friend too. We both tried sending the map file, but when we opened the tile files the programm couldn’t find the tilesets.

take a look at that picture. This is what I saw. In the gamefiles all the tilesets that we used can be found but the programm doesn’t find them automaticly.

ANother question: How do I change the language for tiled?

You may want to edit the image to not include the full file path, as it seems to contain a real name.

It’s possible that the image paths are wrong, maybe you exported with absolute rather than relative paths?

To change the language, go to Edit > Preferences > Interface (Edit is the second menu, Prerefences is the last option, Interface is the 2nd tab) The first dropdown there is the language.

The map stores the paths to the tileset as relative file paths. For Tiled to be able to load the map, those files need to be at the exact same location relative to the map file.

So, if you saved the map to a different folder than where your friend put it, then those relative links will not resolve correctly and Tiled will need help in finding the right path. Ideally, the map is saved close to the tilesets and copied to the same location relative to the other data on your friend’s machine.

If the map file actually contains absolute file paths, then it was saved to a different drive than the tilesets, because in that case a relative file path is not possible. Not necessarily the case here, but that should always be avoided.