Tileset displays normally in Tiled, but not when testing game on local server

Hello, I’ve been recently getting familiar with creating tilesets but I’m noticing that while I can see it in Tiled, it doesn’t show up when I run XAMPP to test our game on the local server. Not only that, the playable character collides with the invisible tileset images. At first it seemed to work, but as I added more tilesets (actually, I had all the images in one tileset, then I separated them by category), it stopped working entirely. I checked the forum, and haven’t seen this question nor have I found this question answered, but if it does exist, could someone direct me there or help me figure out why this is happening? Much appreciated.

Dear Ruben, first of all, thank you so much for your generous support on Patreon! It means a lot and contributes directly to me being able to continue Tiled development and being available to answer questions here.

I’d love to help you find out where things go wrong, but you forgot to mention which framework you’re using. From mentioning XAMPP I understand it must be a web-based framework, but there’s so many of them. It would also be helpful if you could share a few basic assets with which the problem could be reproduced.

That said, since the problem lies outside of Tiled you may still have more luck searching for the solution in the online community of the framework you’re using.