So far, so good, but suddenly the image I've been using as my New Tileset won't import

A bit of context: I’ve been using this image

to create a Pokemon board game. It’s been going well, but it dawned on me a few days ago that I needed to make a few custom tiles to really finish things.

So I made a copy of that image, and I made this

Not much of a difference… but now neither image will load into Tiled when I select them as my New Tileset. This makes me think something has happened to Tiled and not my images - especially since there are two other similar image files that I haven’t edited at all, which also do not import now but did before.

Has anybody else had this issue? I haven’t fiddled with any of the Tiled settings; my requirements of the program are fairly basic as most of the design work is done in PS.


Hmm, I have no problem adding your second image as a new tileset, using 16x16 tile size and 1px margin and 1px spacing.

What does it mean to “not load”? Does it show some kind of error message?

It just… doesn’t do anything. It’s like I hit cancel instead of okay…

Here are two screenshots that, I’m hoping, will show wiser eyes the problem I’m facing.

You don’t seem to have the “Tilesets” view open. Could it be that the tileset is added, but you’re simply failing to notice because this view is not present? You can open it from View -> Views and Toolbars -> Tilesets.

lol have I mentioned that I’m a moron?

That was certainly it. I don’t recall deselecting the tileset window, but there ya have it.

Thanks again, man! Back to work for me!

Glad to help! And I’m relieved that there is not some kind of strange problem lurking there!