Can't find tileset images


Starting from 1.10 and including 1.10.1

All the tilesets created in 1.9.2 doesn’t work. Images can’t be found. All images where webp format.

1.9.2 works fine. So if I install it back all the tilesets are fine.

Here is Tiled screenshot:

Thank you.

I can send you the archive with couple of maps and tilesets and images, if you require it for investigation.

Thank you.


Sorry to bother, but any thoughts on this issue?

I think you can fix this by your own.
Click On “Open Tileset…” (on right side) and search local for each of it.

I dont know if a .webp file can be used!
Webp is only a format for online graphics.
Think you need to convert webp to jpg, png or what you need.

There’s not much point in asking me @waxattack, I’m not a developer, I can’t fix bugs xP You’ve reported the bug, the next step is to either look into fixing it if you can, or to wait for someone to come along who can look into it. That’s not me :]

If webp used to work, it should still work, so the fact that it doesn’t is probably a bug.
That said, IndieG4m3L0v3r is also correct: even if Tiled does support webp, it’s not a great idea to use that format for your game graphics because most game engines don’t support it, since it’s intended for web display. But if you’re not loading this data into an engine, or if you know your engine supports it, then using webp should be fine.


The Webp format works fine in version 1.9

We have been using it for several years for many web games. It’s not about engines, it’s about browser support. And it has been there for a long time.

The advice to go through each tileset and upload pictures again only works for early stage projects, but not for games where you have more than 100 tilesets and thousands of pictures.

I assume that something has changed in the new version and most likely it has nothing to do with the webp format directly. Maybe the uploader just doesn’t want to see the webp extension. My guess is that the picture-reading library hasn’t changed in the new version.

I will try to write about it on github