Tileset references with the same first gid?

Hi there Bjorn. A Tiled2Unity user is getting a crash I’ve never seen before at it is due to this TMX file referencing several TSX files with a matching firstgid attribute value.

For example:
<tileset firstgid="273" source="MyTileset.tsx"/>
<tileset firstgid="273" source="MyNextTileset.tsx"/>
<tileset firstgid="273" source="AnotherTileset.tsx"/>
<tileset firstgid="273" source="YetAnotherTileset.tsx"/>

Is this even allowed in Tiled? Can you think of what is supposed to happen in a case like this?

Thanks, as always.

This happens if the tilesets do not contain any tiles. It’s a bit of a weird case, but there should be nothing special about it. Since there are no tiles in those tilesets, you also can’t find any references to them in the map.

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