Swap tiles across two Tilesets

Super excited to see this in the release notes: https://github.com/bjorn/tiled/pull/866 Added functionality to swap tiles #866

I have multiple tilesets and layers. I want to split one of my tilesets into 2 (manually) so that it better corresponds to the layer and I don’t draw on the wrong layer.

I used the swap function to draw one tile and then switch to another. Is there any way to do this across two Tilesets?

tldr: I have ground and building layers that uses one tileset. I want to split my tileset manually into ground-tileset and building-tileset. Can I make use of the swap function to avoid manually redrawing everything I move to the second tileset?

I had to add my new tileset… then do find replace for every instance of tile in notepad++ to add 6000 to it. What a pain, but got it done :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this action does not enable swapping of tiles in different tilesets. The problem is that the UI allows no obvious way of selecting two tiles from different tilesets, and I’m not sure how this could be added.

That sounds painful indeed. The most obvious improvement that could be made here from my perspective would be to make Tiled scriptable (#949), in which case you could have written a loop over your tiles and do the math there.

So be it. Was my poor decision few years ago to structure it that way.
Tiled is awesome. :slight_smile:

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