Switching a tileset and changing map data while doing so

As a kid, I had an idea to make a 3D JRPG using a sphere for a world map. This can be easily done using both a diffuse and normal texture.

What I’d like to do is make the world map in Tiled using two tilesets: a diffuse and a normal. So I’d make the world map texture itself, export to image, change the tileset from the diffuse tileset to the normal, and then export that.
So to put it simply, I’d like to be able to swap the tilesets and update the layer data. Could there be a feature for that?

At the moment this is only possible by closing Tiled, changing the image referenced in the TMX file with a text editor, and then opening the map in Tiled again.

The ability to change the tileset image directly in Tiled is still missing and covered by the following github issue:

That doesn’t sound too bad. I think I could do that.
EDIT: Yes, that works great. Thanks.