TMX xml schema definition

I couldn’t find an updated dtd or xsd for the tmx-format. Is there really no updated information on the schema of the format Tiled is using or did I simply not look the right places. It would seem very odd to me, given that so many game engines are using it - but there’s no schema to work against? Would love to have an updated schema from Tiled.

Maybe you would consider spending some time to update it based on the TMX map format page, which should be up to date? You can find the outdated Schema at

I may eventually get around to it, but it will take me some time and it’s low priority since not many are asking for it. There’s the following issue on GitHub about it:

The DTD is easier to update and I will try to get to that sooner. But of course, DTD isn’t as precise and can’t distinguish between two different tile tags (though one of them is deprecated anyway).

Ok, I may do so. Will do a PR if I get around to it. I’ll use this thread to ask questions then - because the TMX map format page seems a bit ambigous several places. I’ll return.

But I am wondering why Tiled itself does not rely on a schema of sorts. Seems to be kind of backwards design that you modify the schema to fit the tool, rather than the other way around. I know it’ll probably go hand in hand in the beginning, but once the schemae is set (in stone?), then it should be the tool that adapts to the schema. How do you see this?

Maybe it would eventually make sense to develop the TMX format independently of Tiled, but right now the XSD only serves to document the format written by Tiled. Hence, as with any form of documentation, it has a tendency to lag behind development.

And of course the TMX format generally only needs to change because of new features added to Tiled that require storing new kinds of information.

I did a PR to get it updated. There may be things missing, but I think I got around the whole TMX format page info. There are some ambiguous writing on the page or maybe its just me unclear on how the format page is to be interpreted.