Tools to assist in tilesets creation with grid lines ( 32 x 32 )


I’m sure this questions have been asked a million times, I need some guide or tools used to teach graphic design student on creating tilesets in ( example 32 x 32 pixels ) and all the tiles are aligned to the grid.

Often times, they just create the tilesets and when loaded into Tiled, it was not tile aligned.

Tools or guides or tutorials can be anything from Photoshop or Illustrator or other hopefully free tools to display grid lines for the graphic designers.


I don’t think I’ve actually seen this question here before, because it’s rather off-topic for the Tiled forum, being a question about Photoshop xP

In Photoshop (and probably also Illustrator), you can enable the Grid feature in View > Show > Grid (default shortcut: Ctrl + '), make sure View > Extras is enabled. You can configure the size of this grid to 32px in Edit > Preferences > Guides, Grid & Slices.

In Aseprite, the same instructions work for displaying the grid, but to configure the grid, it’s View > Grid > Grid Settings. Aseprite allows rectangular (non-square) grids, as well.

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