Grid guide lines

Is it possible to get guide lines to the grid? I am currently using 256px tiles as 128px tiles in Tiled to be able to use them with the terrain brush(there are no transition tiles, I just want to be able to paint walls quickly). I would still like to place them as if on a 256px grid tilemap in order to avoid getting half tiles, so to speak, which is why guide lines would really help. Is this doable or is my hack just a really bad solution?

Implementing grid guidelines is of course doable. I do think your hack is quite a bad solution. Then again, that’s the thing about hacks and I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether the hack makes your mapping experience better or worse.

Custom grid guidelines is covered by the following issue on GitHub:

I’ve added it to the Tiled roadmap so it can be voted on and potentially scheduled for a future release.