Two questions in one :p

Français :
-Pouvez vous ajouter une fonctionnalité permettant d’inverser les axes ?
-Pouvez vous ajouter une fonctionnalité permettant à l’axe X d’agir comme l’axe Y, c’est à dire, augmenter à chaque translation horizontale, pas toutes les deux cases ?

English (google traduction) :
-Can you add a functionality to reverse axes ?
-Can you add a functionality allowing the X axis to act as the Y axis, that is, increase with each horizontal translation, not every two boxes ?

Thank you.

You mean inverting the Y axis as requested here?

I’m afraid I don’t understand this question. Could you illustrate what you mean?

I did it to explain you what I said. This is in isometric view. Red lines are X axis and blue lines are Y axis.
As you can see, X axis inscrease slower than Y axis. Can you add a functionnality to “fix” it (I know it’s logical, but it’s required for what I’m doing) ?

Secondarily, can you add a functionnality to replace the X axis with the Y axis ?

Thank you.

Do you have an illustration of how it would look like when “fixed”? I think the only way to have both axis increase the same way is to use a regular isometric map instead of a staggered one (you can switch the map orientation in the Map Properties).

I believe that’s what you do with the map property “Stagger Axis”, which you can put on either “X” or “Y”. You can access the map properties using the menu Map → Map Properties…

For your first question, i’ll do a picture to explain it, and for your second response, it’s not inverting the axis, it’s just inverting the working of the axis, but they’re still the same. In my previous pic, it’ll just invert the red and blue lines.

That’s what the “Stagger Axis” property is used for.