Can I draw tiles?

I’m new to Tiled, sitll figuring it out. I’d like to edit an existing tileset I have, create new tiles, remove, reorder them etc. Can I do those things in Tiled? I can’t find a way to do any of those.

No. Tiled just deals with tiles as subregions of an image and has no idea or any reason to care what’s in them. Editing tilesets is for image editors.

Tiled can adjust existing maps after a tileset image has been resized, but it doesn’t deal with rearrangements, so rearrangements make a difficult-to-fix mess. You’re best off planning your tilesets ahead of time (or at least leaving enough space for future tiles) to avoid having to move tiles around.

Is there a great image editor that’s “Tiled-friendly”? As of now I’m having to edit the tiles on the Construct built-in editor (decent but not perfect).

Pyxel Edit has very good tile features. Aseprite’s getting a tile feature as well, but it’s not in the stable release yet. Both of these are geared towards pixel art though, so if you’re working with non-pixel art tiles, I don’t know what to suggest. I use Photoshop, but it doesn’t have any tile-specific tools, so rearranging tiles and testing them can be a hassle.

I like to keep my tiles arranged in meaningful blocks (e.g. all the dirt tiles together, all the slopes together, etc) so I usually move them around as blocks rather than individual tiles, and in Photoshop, keeping each block on its own layer makes that fairly easy (easier than even in Pyxel Edit imho).

Yeah I’m doing 16x16 pixel art. I found Photoshop to be counter productive for setting up grids, pallettes, and seeing the pixel matrix properly, but maye it’s just me. I’ll look into those other options, thanks for the help.

Photoshop is definitely not an ideal pixel art tool xP For pixel tile work, Pyxel Edit is currently the best. It’s also inexpensive.

I’ve personally always used GIMP and I think it’s also fine for pixel art.

Whatever editor you use, you can have Tiled open alongside with a dummy map to test your tiles, since Tiled will automatically reload the tileset image each time you save it.

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