Uneven tiles due to thick border [SOLVED]

I am having trouble getting my head around this one.

Basically I have some squares that are 16 x 16 but I am trying to have a 4px border around the edge of each square, though an external border is a different colour to internal (see image below).

The thing is this basically makes a tile 24x24, however I want to draw the internal 16x16 tile and I can’t quite get it to work. I have tried dividing it so the external border tiles draw half the internal and the internal draws the other half, however it never works out.

Best way to try see what I mean is quickly download the image and try tile sizes in Tiled.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Managed to figure it out!

My drawn tiles are 24 x 24 (all include a full border now, see attached tileset, also happen to have a margin but thats irrelevant).

Map size in Tiled is 20x20, then the tileset properties I have the offset set to -2, 2.

I’m glad to see you’ve figured it out! Actually I had answered the same question here earlier today.

Btw, note that you can upload your images directly to this forum, so you don’t need to link to some image hosting site that is full of ugly advertisements. I’ve downloaded the images now and edited your posts to use images hosted by the forum.

I was looking around for that for a few minutes too and thought there wasn’t a capability… this all signs up for bedtime I think.

Thanks for confirming the answer and I did honestly try to research first!