Uninteded transparency and lighten effects on diffuse shader. (Isometric tile-map problem)

Hi there,

me and my team are currently working on a little rpg-game. We decided to use Tiled and Unity. It worked fine but unfortunately, we ran into an issue that may jeopardize our whole project.

We are heavily relying on sprite lighting. Thus, we are using a Diffuse-Shader on all of our sprites. That’s when the issue is showing up:

  1. Sprites sharing the same layer in tiled are now transparent (or they have no hierarchy and are drawn simultaneously creating a transparency effect)
  2. For artistic reasons ground-tiles have some depth to them. That means, they are overlapping, too. But in their case their colour-values seem to lighten, creating a weird grid pattern

Unfortunately, we are still students and don’t have the skills to write a custom shader.

How can we fix this issue? Is there a way to solve this within tiled? Is there something we have overlooked? Does someone have similar problems?

The solution might involve changing something in the way you use Tiled, but ultimately it’s a problem that you need to solve on the Unity side. If one shader doesn’t do the right thing for everything, maybe use a different one for the lights than for the other sprites?

seems like a good opportunity to really dig into unity and learn its shaders and maybe learn to make custom ones of your own!

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I really digged into using shaders in unity after that. But unfortunately nothing i trided worked out.
We ultimately used big sprite-pictures for our game.
That worked quite fine. But im still interested in a solutuon for this. Maybe ill get back to it when im more versed with shaders.

Did you find a solution to this?