Problem with tile display. tiled2unity issue?

I’ll attach an issue to show the problem i’m having because it is hard to describe without seeing it. I’m using tiled to make my map and tile2unity to get it into unity. When viewed in the editor, a windows build and one of my android devices, the picture looks like the wall circled on the left in the image. You get the wall and the shadow. The source sprite for the wall is shown above.

But when I run the exact same build on another android device I have, I get the display looking like the circle on the right. Get the wall, but not the shadow effect. It isn’t just this image either.

What am I doing wrong? I’m assuming the tiled setup and export to unity was fine because it worked on a couple of targets, but i’m not sure. Is it some unity setting that is causing this in the build?

any ideas?

I suspect it may be a problem with your Android device and/or Unity giving that it works on other platforms.

I would try to simplify the problem space, by which I mean try making the smallest possible prefab that displays the problem, without using Tiled2Unity or any other third-party tools you may have. If you can have a similar visual problem using only primitives that come with stock Unity (like some planes with materials and shaders on them) then you can take that issue to the Unity forums.

If it is a problem that is only seen through using prefabs built by Unity then you could package it up and send it my way and I can try to eyeball a solution. (I don’t have any Android devices however.)

Thanks for the suggestion. I did make a new scene and a small example and was able to debug to the issue. The importer in Tile2Unity was setting the shader to “Tiled/TextureTileSwap” (I think that was the spelling). That was working in windows and the one android device, but not the other. I modified the import routine to set the shader to “Mobile/Particles/Alpha Blended”. With that one it works in all 3 places. I don’t know if there are any other ramifications of changing that value, but for now it works at least.

Okay, that certainly points to some kind of shortcoming in the shader that is provided by Tiled2Unity. I will get the code for the shaders that come with Unity and check out what’s different.

Thanks for looking into it.