Unity collision box scale mismatch problem

I’m experiencing an issue where the collision object box is approx 3x3 to 4x4 the tile size vs the render size of the actual tile. Any attempts to adjust the scaling options in Unity seem to only alter it’s position despite editing scaling fields instead of positioning fields.

Any suggestions?

Edit: If you need more specifics please let me know I’ll be glad to provide any resources. I’m still new to and learning Unity but I’ve been Senior level at .Net/C# for a while now.



Hi there. It sounds like you’ve got a scale on an object somewhere in your GameObject hierarchy that is messing things up. You can try deleting the prefab from your scene and re-exporting to get a “clean” object. If that doesn’t fix things up we can start by looking at your exported [map-name].tiled2unity.xml file. You can send that to me at my email address found at www.seanba.com.