How to replace one tile for another

Hello, I’m making a map with the tile and I did a lot of things on the map with a tile, except I recently did another tile with photoshop and I would like to replace this old tile by this new tile I made in photoshop, so I created a new tileset with new tile, but I would like to replace all the old tiles by new tiles, I can do it in tiled?

Currently you’d either you overwrite the image or you have to edit the map file in a text editor to change the file name of the image. In the latter case, make sure the image is the same width and that the tiles are still in the same place, otherwise the map will not be referring to the right tiles anymore.

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Thank you, I do not even remember that I could replace the image with another of the same size, I thought it would give a bug at all, but usually when I do some editing the tile image in photoshop with tiled open ,it updates the image,but sometimes the tiled not update and I’m forced to close and open it again, is there any way to update images in tiled?

Unfortunately there’s a bug that causes files saved from Photoshop not to reload properly. As a workaround, you can press Ctrl+T to force the reload of tileset images.

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Thank you for everything, was good if the staff tiled solve this problem, most good that there is a shortcut for it :smile: