Using Tiled with Amstrad's 8BP library

I discovered this tool to create tile maps and I think it’s great

I am using the library for Amstrad CPC called 8BP (8 bits of power), with which you can make games for said computer.

To make the games you can use the Basic language (RSX commands) and the C language

I would like to know if Tiled could be implemented to be able to use it with the library (using the option to make the game in c)

Here is a page where they talk about the tiles:

There is an example video on the page, but it is using another Amstrad tool called Cpctelera

This is the official page of 8BP:

Finally, this is a c file of a game made with the library where layout (tiles) is used:

Thank you!

Native support for this is unlikely, but you can write a custom exporter using JavaScript that can export maps from Tiled to C code compatible with this library.

Thanks, eishiya