VCS (ie Perforce) Integration


Are you considering any sort of integration with source control systems (ie Perforce)?
Automating a check out of the map file, external tilesets when they are imported, etc, would be a great time saver. My game has a fairly deep folder structure, and its annoying to switch to P4, find the files and check them out prior to saving in Tiled.

Apologies if this has been asked. I searched and got no results, which surprised me!

And, as always, I love Tiled. Amazing work youre doing.


Yes, I work with Perforce as well at work (though not with Tiled, unfortunately), so I can fully understand your pain. I’d like to do the following to make this easier:

  • Short term: Provide a quick way to copy the full path of the map to the clipboard. That can be copy/pasted into the Perforce Visual Client (P4V), making it easier to find the map and other nearby files.

  • Long term: Make Tiled scriptable, and provide some hooks that can be used to run external commands on certain events, like before or after a file gets saved. With that, writing a short integration script for Perforce should be easy.

What you could already do, is use the “Run Command” button on the tool bar to run a “p4 edit” on the current map. See the documentation about using commands.

Hi Bjorn

Thanks for the response.

Scripting is the correct way to do it, of course. Looking forward to that option. I realize its a big task, but as I’m sure you know implementing that would knock alot of other requests from people off your TODO list :slight_smile:

I have my own game editor (separate from Tiled, which is for maps), and I integrated P4API.NET, which apart from the horrendous documentation, works reasonably well.