integration with Unity

Hello everyone. Quick question from a seasoned developer about to take the plunge into Unity. I’m considering my options for a development environment to develop a tile based 2D game that may or may not be MMO at this point. I have a few questions regarding this.

  • Does integrate directly into Unity or do I have to use another tool to import?
  • Is there any provision for sprite placement on maps, or is purely for maps.
  • Same question for triggers and scripts.
  • Any other poignant information regarding this would be helpful



I have no experience with unity itself, but you can take a look here and see if you can find anything useful there:


Yes, you can place sprites as tile objects, for example. And triggers/scripts can be placed as rectangle objects (or ellipse / polygon, but that’d be less common).

What Tiled doesn’t currently have is a text editor, so for scripts you’d generally want to use a cutom property that refers to an external file. Or just give your triggers names and types, so that you can bind functionality to them after loading the map.