Visual offset for tile images

I have a collection of images that I insert as tile objects. It would be really nice if I could specify a xy offset for rendering. Currently it seems TileD renders from the left corner, where my engine renders from the center. Any whitespace on the left side of the image causes it to be visually shifted over even more. Ideally this would be done in the .tsx file so it’s universally applied.

Does this already exist?

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Since this is an incompatibility with your engine and not a Tiled issue, it’s something you’ll need to handle in-engine when you load the maps. You can specify the offsets as custom properties on either your map or your tileset.

I think you’re misunderstanding. I want the offset so the map designers can see them as they will appear in the game. You are correct, I could change my engine to render like Tiled, but that’s not what my game wants or needs. I just want a small option for the editor to render the images with a user defined offset, I can see a lot of uses for this. Tiled already has lots of options to satisfy engines like tile rendering order.

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Indeed such a feature would be useful and I definitely plan to get around to it at some point. It is covered by the following issue on GitHub:

Right now, Tiled supports a draw offset only in the Tileset properties, where it is applied to all tiles within that tileset. Depending on your tiles this may suffice.