Week 43 development update

Since I was visiting family for a few days this week there’s been little time for Tiled. Fortunately I did get around to some things. Most importantly, quite a few small fixes and a potential crash fix had been accumulating on the 0.10 branch, so I have done a Tiled 0.10.2 bugfix release.

Also, this forum is now linked from the main website, which seems to have already lead to some questions being asked here. Neat!

Pull Requests

  • MERGED: Ability to rename custom properties (#803)
  • ABANDONED: Guideline grid rendering (#441)

The last one is a pity, because several people would appreciate the addition of better grid guidelines. I never got around to merging it mainly because it was incomplete (only orthogonal renderer supported) and it was hard to extend the way it was implemented. It was now abandoned by its author. I hope eventually this feature will find its way into Tiled anyway.

A Look Ahead

I’ll shamelessly copy & paste the remaining part of the last update that I did not get around to: Finish the support for hexagonal maps, look into pending pull requests like #776 and #779 and then release Tiled 0.11. It’s still a stretch, but we’ll see what happens.

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