Weird tile behavior when moving camera

I am having some issue fixing this problem.

Like you can see on my pictures when I move the camera my tiles get those black lines.
I am using box2d for my physics, so I had to scale my pictures.
My world is scaled like this: 32 pixel is one meter (I tried 100 pixels for one meter and same problem).

I set the view of my OrthogonalTiledMapRenderer to my scaled box2d Camera.
The player uses float values since it is scaled to box2d.
The camera follows the player.
At some uneven float values my tiles mess up.

This doesn’t occur when the camera uses int values ( can’t use int since it is scaled to box2d world).

I am confused cause their must be something I am missing…

Hope somebody can help me :slightly_smiling:

About the black lines, the same answer applies that I wrote here:

In your case, I would really just avoid scaling the graphics at all. It will not look pretty with that style. You should scale your Box2D world instead (basically, apply a factor to your Box2D primitives to make them behave correctly).

Thank you for you answer bjorn.

My work around is that the camera moves only in 0.1 meter steps.

You suggested not to scale my world at all I just don’t understand you why?

I don’t see the difference between my scaled textures and the normal (pixel) sized textures.
(I tested both and they look identical).