Problem with the Tiled scale. Need urgent help pls

I need help, I’ve been stuck with a problem for several days, and I’m trying to make a top-down game of a car with a few physics and so on, I can not get my map to match the object layer. Removing the PPM calculation I get them to match, but the player object moves very slow because the size becomes too big. I share with you my code to see if you could please help me. I accept any kind of suggestion (sorry for the order of the code, I’ve been trying for several days and I don’t know what to do). GitHub - mateosolinho/FormulaFrontier

This is an engine/game or perhaps importer issue and isn’t something Tiled users can help with, you should ask in the libgdx community.

It sounds like you probably need a different PPM value, or need to look into your importer’s options to see if you need to set a PPM somewhere in that process. Another option might be to just multiply or divide all the object sizes/positions by your desired PPM, perhaps your importer or physics code erroneously treats the pixel values from the Tiled map as other units.